Washing is divided into the following steps: sorting clothes, soaking, washing, rinsing, drying, and storing clothes. Pay attention to the amount of washing powder or detergent, wash soft clothes gently, avoid direct sunlight and pollution when drying, and keep them dry and clean when stored.

Classification: Classify clothes, including color, material and degree of soiling. Clothes that fade easily should be washed with other clothes to avoid staining. At the same time, attention should also be paid to controlling the water temperature of washing clothes to prevent excessive water temperature from causing damage to the clothing fibers.

Soaking: After dissolving the laundry detergent or detergent, soak the clothes in a basin of water. The soaking time should not exceed 15 minutes. This can fully moisten the clothes and allow the laundry detergent or washing powder to penetrate into the fibers to achieve better washing results.

Laundry: Take the clothes out of the water, place them on the washboard, and wash them with appropriate strength. Clean areas that are easily stained, such as collars and cuffs, first to prevent these areas from being damaged or aged first.

Rinse: Rinse the clothes 2-3 times until the water is clear.

Drying: Spin the clothes dry and place them in a dry and ventilated place to dry, away from direct sunlight. Clothes should be laid flat when drying to avoid wrinkling after drying.

Storage: Sun-dried clothes should be stored in time to avoid secondary contamination.

NOTE: Product may be squeezed and wrinkled during shipping. This is normal and will flatten after washing and drying.